Receiving your Transfer Admissions Decision

Malapascua Island, The Philippines

Malapascua Island, The Philippines

Everything is submitted and complete. Now, try and relax.

When will you receive your decision? That depends.

If you have applied for spring admission, and you have completed 30 hours by the October 1 deadline, you should find out about a month after applying.

The same goes for fall admission. If you have 30 or more hours completed by March 1, you should hear back no later than mid-April. If you have 30 hours in progress that you complete by the end of the spring semester, you will have a week or two to submit your final transcript.

Once your GPA is recalculated to account for your spring grades, your decision will be released a few weeks after. It is important to regularly check your "My Status" page after you apply and receive your UTEID to ensure that all of your application materials are submitted and received by the Office.

You will learn your decision no later than June 15. In practice, most decisions are released by late May. It is unlikely that you receive admission prior to March 1.

Unlike for first-time freshman where most people receive their decision in one big batch at the end of February, transfer applicants find out more on a rolling basis.

I understand that it can be a tight turnaround to receive a decision in late May and have only a few months to negotiate a potential relocation to Austin. UT recognizes this and tries their hardest to get transfer decisions released sooner rather than later.

There are a ton of resources for finding apartments and you can also apply for on-campus housing. There is a short transfer orientation in August that you are encouraged to attend so you can meet with an academic adviser and register for classes.

If you did not find success transferring, it is important to consider your other options. It is not likely worth it to wait for another year to apply unless your grades significantly improve. I sometimes saw applicants applying 4 and 5 times. I found this hard to understand.

If you only applied and did not gain admission to UT, there are other universities that have later deadlines who would probably love to have you.

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