• Assessment of a candidate’s chances of gaining admission into UT and their major

  • Help with high school course selection to best prepare students for the transition to their major

  • Comprehensive and line-by-line edits of admissions, scholarship, and honors essays

  • Assistance with an applicant’s résumé and other supplemental materials

  • Revision for applications like the Common App, UC System, and other supplements

  • Review and optimization of the Apply Texas application

  • Consultation regarding best fit and exploration of options on campus


Getting into UT


Tex Admissions LLC® practices a student-centered philosophy. We are a boutique independent college consulting firm that rejects templates and cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches to essay writing and applications.

We recognize the pivotal role that parents play in the application process, and we are here to supplement those efforts during these sometimes stressful times.

Our most successful clients are those who reach out early in the process, are open to constructive criticism, and are willing to work hard. As the old saying goes, you get out what you put in.

We cannot promise admission to UT or a particular program. However, through collaboration, we can give an honest assessment of a student’s admissions chances and work our hardest to realize entry into their dream school.

Our first-time freshman and transfer clients have found success with admission to UT Honors, Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Fine Arts, Scholarships, and into most selective universities like UC-Berkeley, Brown, and Cornell.

We also offer assistance with improving applications to other colleges and universities domestically, abroad, and post-baccalaureate. We have experience assisting a wide range of students, not just undergraduate applicants to UT.

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Tex Admissions LLC charges substantially less for excellent, thorough, and prompt service.

Drawing on years of experience from a rigorous UT honors education and working with thousands of prospective students in the Office of Admissions, we help craft complete applications with concern to admissions reviewers, intention, and strategy. 

Most consulting services are concerned with the “how” of gaining admission. We focus on the “why.”