Priority Deadline Technical Error

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Thousands of first-time freshman applicants who completed their application by November 1 received the message in what was evidently a technical error. I've been monitoring the situation to see how it has unfolded.

At first when I received word of this notification, it meant the expected wave of deferrals they promised to release by February 1. This doesn't seem to be the case because the message disappeared shortly after.

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It is unfortunate that this message was sent around 11am on a school day disrupting lunch and classrooms. I've had a number of people reach out directly and there is a lot of concern on online communities like Reddit and College Confidential. Thousands of students and families have been affected by this lapse in judgement especially those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

It appears no student gained admission during this time. It also means that since everyone who applied early and hasn't been admitted received this notification, your admissions chances are not affected.

UT has received a record number of completed applications this year and appears behind on their file review reading process. I suspect this technical error is due to the growing pains of this new deadline and possibly other unknowable internal changes.

There is a rumor on College Confidential that UT has changed their policy about the February 1 release where students will receive either a yes or no instead of a deferral. This rumor is not true. Priority applicants will receive either an admission or deferral until March 1 as per their official policy.

I don't doubt that an admissions member erred in saying that some students would be rejected, but I have confirmed that their intent is not to reject anyone prior to February 1. 

What this means for applicants and families is to continue waiting. I understand this is a very stressful and uncertain time in your lives. College admissions won't be the last time you confront an unpredictable situation with unknown outcomes. 

Whether it's scholarships, fellowships, internships, graduate or medical school, corporate hiring, or college programs, this will be the first of many gates you will pass through to achieve your long-term academic and professional goals.

It is up to each person and family to determine how they manage their stress, anxiety, and expectations. Unfortunately, official errors make this process all the more frustrating and dispiriting. Hang in there.

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