Fall 2019 First-time Freshman Deadline is Monday, December 3

Train tracks connect Southern Bolivia with Northern Chile

Train tracks connect Southern Bolivia with Northern Chile

Panicking to complete your application by December 1? About half of all applicants wait to complete their application between Thanksgiving and the deadline, so you’re not alone. The good news is you have a little bit more time to wrap things up because December 1 falls on a Saturday.

The Fall 2019 first-time freshman deadline is 11:59pm on Monday, December 3

The Office of Admissions website reads

Items must arrive in our office by the applicable deadline. When a deadline occurs on a Saturday or Sunday, the admissions application will remain open until 11:59 p.m. (Central) the following Monday.

Applicants must submit Apply Texas/Coalition by the evening of December 3.

UT always has a grace period for supporting items like Essay A, the resume, transcript, or reference letters typically the Friday following the deadline. They should update their website by the end of the week indicating the specific time frame.

Applicants who have submitted Apply Texas by the deadline have until December 31 to update or submit their ACT/SAT scores.

It’s important to request any necessary documents this week at school and not wait until the weekend. Your school and UT admissions is going to be super busy this week and next.

Since so many students procrastinate, the Admissions Processing Team is overloaded with application items. It can take sometimes a week or more for documents to appear on your My Status page.

All decisions will be released by March 1. Starting soon, it’s likely that once per month around 1,000 highly talented applicants will gain admission to their first choice major.

If you start hearing friends at school or social media learning their major or Honors, don’t panic. Almost everyone hears back in the spring rather than earlier. To my knowledge, nobody has heard back yet for competitive majors like Business, Engineering, Computer Science, etc.

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