Some Class of 2023 and Spring 2019 Transfer UT-Austin Decisions Released

Iowa State versus Texas 2018

Iowa State versus Texas 2018

For the past six election cycles, UT-Austin has trickled out some decisions prior to either the end of January or the end of February when the bulk of all admission decisions are released.

So far, I have had auto admits, non-auto admits, and an out-of-state applicant gain admission to Computer Science, Moody, McCombs, Aerospace Engineering, and Liberal Arts, so it seems talented applicants across all majors and residencies are receiving word.

UT confirms that they released approximately one-third of their anticipated total acceptance offers, so around 6,000 students heard favorable decisions December 7.

Select UT-Austin First-time Freshman Gain Admission

Tonight, Friday, December 7, UT has released some decisions. No student will be denied or deferred early.

If you do not hear back your decision at this time, and it’s inevitable some of your friends and classmates might hear back, please do not stress out.

I know this is a very anxious time of year for thousands of students and their families, so hang tight if you haven’t heard anything - there is no need to take any action.

Last year, for a few Fridays starting in mid-November through to the end of January, UT has notified exceptional applicants of a favorable admissions decision for their first-choice major.

They released decisions for sure on these dates and perhaps others that I missed

  • November 17

  • December 8 (First Honors Releases)

  • December 15 (Big batch)

  • January 31 (November 1 Priority decisions)

  • February 7

  • February 15 (All applicants)

This includes automatically admitted Texas residents, those outside the top 6%, and non-Texas residents.

Universities tend to release their decisions on Fridays after 5pm, and UT is no exception. They don’t want there to be a lot of conversations and stress if released during school.

To my knowledge, last year around 3,000-4000 of the total of 19,000 admitted students heard back early. That means over 90% of applicants (51,000+) will hear back at the scheduled time, either by February 1 or March 1 depending on if you met the priority deadline or not.

Students who receive their decision early would have been admitted regardless of when they applied. Some applicants who may qualify for financial aid or merit-based scholarships also hear back early as a way for the university to begin recruiting their highest-need populations.

Business Honors Program has also offered phone interviews to students who completed their applications by November 1. If you do not receive a phone interview, that means unfortunately you will not be offered a space in their program.

As far as I know, no student has gained admission to an Honors program yet. Last year, some students in Business Honors started to hear back in the second week of December presumably after the first batch of alumni phone interviews.

Spring 2019 Transfer Decisions Released

I have heard from at least one student that UT has begun releasing their Spring 2019 transfer decisions. Spring transfer depends largely on the number of spaces available in addition to your GPA and other credentials.

If you did not gain admission fr Spring, I advise you to try again in the fall. Fall admissions is a little more predictable because UT tends to admit a similar number of students although last year was quite competitive.

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