McCombs Business Honors Program (BHP)

The Business Honors Program offers a rigorous curriculum based on the case study model used in MBA programs. BHP is a major, and students often choose a discipline within business as a second major like marketing, finance, accounting, etc.

Admission to BHP is highly selective. Like the other honors programs at the University of Texas at Austin, their freshman profiles and selection process looks more like the Ivy League than regular admission to UT.

The typical admit to BHP is in the top 2% of their class and has a 34/1510. Last year, 1,688 students applied with 242 gaining admission yielding an admissions rate of less than 10%. They enroll a cohort of around 150 students each year who will stay together for their four years at UT. A select number of internal and external transfer spaces are available each year for distinguished applicants who have proven themselves at the college level.

BHP has a priority deadline of October 15. It is recommended that you have a completed application by this date. You may receive an early notification of admission. If you are not granted admission in December, don't worry! Your application will be reconsidered when everyone else applies by December 1. All decisions are released by March 1.

Though BHP admits an academically accomplished group of students each year, they place a heavy emphasis on leadership and business experience in the required expanded resume. Internships, work experience, founding your own club or organization, are all ways to stand out in the applicant pool.

All competitive applicants will receive a phone interview. A few friends of mine conducted these after graduation, and it is typically a 20-30 minute conversation asking a few follow-up questions or requesting clarification on your Apply Texas and honors application. 

If you do not find success with BHP admissions and still gain admission to the regular business program, it is still one of the top ten in the United States and best business school in the south. Like I have said in other posts, honors programs are merely one way to succeed amongst many resources available at UT.

Kevin MartinHonors, Process