Spring versus Fall transfer

Recent shipwreck - Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Recent shipwreck - Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Don't shipwreck your transfer process by applying too late. There are differences between fall and spring transfer that you need to know about.

Each year, about 8,000 applicants seek transfer into the fall semester for about 3,000 spaces. A few hundred apply by October 1 intending to begin their time at UT in the spring.

Fall transfer is more "traditional." Reviewers access applicants on their academic and personal achievement records and fill available spaces within particular programs.

The university uses spring transfer only on a case-by-case basis to fill spots as needed. Spring transfer has more to do with the needs of the university than the merits of the applicant. Because there are so few spring applicants each year, there isn't much data on their success rates or how UT chooses them. 

If you do not gain admission in the spring, it may be worth trying again in the fall, especially if your grades improve.

There are only a few colleges and schools that offer spring admission. In the past, there were more. Recently, colleges like Communications and Undergraduate Studies changed to fall admission only.

If you apply to a college or school that does not allow spring admission, you will be denied automatically.

The current colleges and schools that allow spring transfer are: The College of Liberal Arts, The College of Education, the College of Natural Sciences, and the School of Social Work.

This list may change from year to year, so it is important to stay up to date on admissions eligibility.

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