Major-specific Transfer Requirements

Etosha National Park - Namibia

Etosha National Park - Namibia

Sometimes, it's fun to break the rules. It is always important, however, to know what the rules are and why they are in place. Some majors have specific requirements that you need to be aware of.

Here is a comprehensive list of major specific requirements.

If you apply to a college, school, or major that requires prerequisite courses, and you have not completed or demonstrated them in progress, your application will not be considered. You cannot take these courses in a maymester or summer before the semester you want to enroll.

Ensuring you have any required courses completed or in progress is particularly important for business and engineering. Additionally, admissions reviewers want to see that you make A's in these required courses, though A's are not required.

The McCombs School of Business requires:

  • Calculus I: MATH 408K/308K, 408C or 403K/303K
  • Calculus II: MATH 408L/308L, 408D or 303L
  • Microeconomics: ECON 304K
  • Macroeconomics: ECON 304L

All prospective majors in the Cockrell School of Engineering must submit a minimum of four "technical" courses like math, physics, geology, chemistry, etc. You must take the first semester of calculus and physics:

  • MATH 408D, 408L or 408M
  • PHYS 303K and 103M

Other less popular majors also have major specific requirements.

The Jackson School of Geosciences requires the first semesters of geology, physics, and calculus:

  • CHEM 301
  • GEO 401
  • MATH 408C, 408K or 408N

Students interested in Environmental Science have additional requirements:

  • BIO 311C, CHEM 301 and MATH 408C, 408K or 408N with grades of at least a C-minus
  • GEO 401 or 303 with a grade of at least a B-minus

Applicants seeking transfer to Economics in Liberal Arts have requirements similar to business applicants:

  • ECO 304K (Intro to Microeconomics) 
  • ECO 304L (Intro to Macroeconomics) 
  • MATH 408K, 408C or 408N (Calculus I) 
  • MATH 408L, 408D or 408S (Calculus II) 

Prerequisite courses for Nursing are:

  • CHEM 301
  • SDS 302 or M 316 (statistics)
  • BIO 311C

While there are no requirements for Natural Sciences eligibility, the university wants to see a strong performance in STEM coursework.

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