Resources for transferring credits

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Power outage during dinner - Johannesburg, South Africa

Don't be left in the dark wondering how your credits transfer. There are a lot of useful tools you can use today to see how your past, present, and future courses can transfer.

Maybe the most common concern of transfer applicants is whether their credits will transfer.

A generation ago, especially before the days of the internet, accessing credit transferability resources was more difficult than today. Texas public community colleges and four-year universities have done an excellent job of coordinating and centralizing college credits. Most Texas private universities have gotten on board.

If you are taking a course in the "core curriculum" that isn't remedial, it should transfer. You will know with certainty after you apply what credits count towards a future UT degree.

All out of state students will have their transcript audited manually by an admissions technician who will determine what credits will transfer.

If you attend a for-profit university like the Art Institute or ITT Tech, it is highly unlikely that your credits will transfer.

If you claim any AP credit by exam on your transcript, those hours should also transfer over without difficulty.

The most important tool is the "Automated Transfer Equivalency" system.

You can put in your current university, the course you are concerned about, and the tool will tell you how it transfers to UT. I used this tool frequently when I took community college classes the summer before enrolling, but also when I took courses online during the fall and spring while enrolled at UT.

I completed nearly 30 hours at community colleges after finishing high school so I could start my major coursework earlier.

Here is another useful resource that addresses common credit transfer issues.

There is a specific resource for Austin Community College students that details what credits transfer towards which UT-Austin degree.

UT offers an equivalent for any other Texas community college student.

These resources should prove useful for doing your own research about what credits you can expect to transfer.

If you are interested in maximizing your UT transfer chances, let's get started today by completing this questionnaire.

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