Introduction to the UT-Austin Transfer Process

"Junk boat" in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

"Junk boat" in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Looking for a change of pace? Consider the transfer process as a pathway to UT-Austin admission.

One of my most popular videos offers advice and tips on how to navigate your transfer application "All About the Transfer Process."

I recently published an article on the college admissions blog Admit.Me offering food for thought on how you can approach your upcoming transition.

Transfer applicants are an "underserved" market - most advice "out there" caters to high school seniors and first-time freshman. 

Check out my first of five new videos on the transfer process.

This post is the first of fifteen that provides tips and advice on transfer admissions to UT-Austin posted every 3-4 days until we reach the March 1 deadline. Please subscribe to my "RSS Feed" and like my Facebook page at the bottom of this post to receive updates.

Students are eligible for transferring if they have completed or in progress to finish 30 credit hours by the March 1 fall deadline, Any applicant who has taken even one course after graduating high school must apply as a transfer student.

The good news for some is that transferring offers a "fresh start." UT does not look at your high school grades or test scores. They are only concerned about your collegiate-level coursework. Any dual-credit hours taken in high school will count towards your overall GPA.

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