Requirements and Tips for Transferring into the McCombs School of Business

Downtown Toronto from the CN Tower

Downtown Toronto from the CN Tower

Transfer admission to the McCombs School of Business has always been competitive. Generally, they admit about 12% of their transfer applicants who average slightly higher than a 3.9 GPA.

They’re also the only program at UT that is transparent about their admissions statistics, which you can view here.

Competitive applicants will have almost straight A’s and relevant business or internship experience. It is critical that you apply to more universities than just UT-Austin to give yourself many options to consider in the spring.

McCombs Transfer Prerequisites and Eligibility

Transfer applicants must submit proof of credit or in-progress work for the following business indicator courses:

  • Calculus I: MATH 408K/308K, 408C or 403K/303K

  • Calculus II: MATH 408L/308L, 408D or 303L

  • Microeconomics: ECON 304K

  • Macroeconomics: ECON 304L

There are sometimes issues transferring your calculus credits that correspond to the correct UT-Austin course. Consider using these transfer resources and tools to ensure your completed or plan classes will transfer.

If you don’t have these four courses on your transcript, your application will not be reviewed.

Although UT-Austin allows you to submit a transfer application for the Business Honors Program, they admit few to none external transfers each year. It seems they’ve even removed any mention of BHP external transfer from their website reserving those limited spaces for current UT sophomores.

McCombs Transfer Essay and Resume Tips

Since all competitive applicants have nearly straight A’s, admissions reviewers necessarily look to the essays an resume to determine which McCombs applicants they will admit.

It is critical that you submit your strongest essays and expanded resume paying careful attention why you are transferring and how McCombs can help you achieve your long-term goals.

Consider visiting with these Essay A Statement of Purpose examples.

You should focus on any relevant professional or work experience that informs your decision to study business. In your resume, it’s important to detail and expand upon your roles and responsibilities.

If you’re at a four-year university studying something besides business, you should address both why you want to change campuses and your area of study.

If you have a job or internship, consider asking your reference for a recommendation letter to help support and provide more information to your application.

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Alternatives to the McCombs School of Business

Prospective transfer students occasionally ask if they can begin their studies in one major and eventually transfer into McCombs. This pathway is not recommended because UT wants students to transfer in four years and for transfers to complete their degrees as soon as possible.

If you don’t gain admission as an external transfer to McCombs, you should consider completing your Bachelors degree elsewhere or selecting a different first-choice major if your GPA is less than 3.8.

If you don't feel like you would be competitive for business or it doesn't match your interests, consider these programs:

Non-McCombs students are welcome to pursue a 24-hour Business Foundations Certificate.

Applicants may also be interested in earning certificates once they arrive on campus. Students from any major can pursue Applied Statistical Modeling or Scientific Computation and Data Sciences.

One of my favorite programs open to any UT student is the Bridging Disciplines Program (BDP). BDP allows students to combine coursework outside of their major with research and internships. I completed an International Studies BDP, and business-oriented students may be interested in Ethics and Leadership in Business, Social Entrepreneurship, or Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship Certificates.

You can view the complete list of minors and certificate programs here. Interest in a minor or certificate does not play a role in the admissions process.

Interested in maximizing your McCombs Transfer admissions chances? Complete my questionnaire for a free consultation.

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