Fall and Spring 2019 UT-Austin Transfer Admissions Results

Morning rainbow from my house in Bali

Morning rainbow from my house in Bali

The 2019 transfer application cycle has officially wrapped up with almost all decisions going out the second week of June ending with most releases coming Saturday afternoon, June 15.

Departing from all previous transfer cycles, UT admissions waited until the very end of their June 15 public deadline to release decisions. Previously, UT trickled out offers starting in mid-April and finishing in early June. It seems they waited until receiving the transcripts for students needing to complete their 24 hours before releasing their decisions.

If you are intending to apply in future transfer cycles, you can download for free the Transfer Guide section from my book Your Ticket to the Forty Acres.

Anyone interested in internal transferring while a UT student should consult on-campus resources and the relevant majors/colleges directly. Internal transferring is outside of the scope of this post.

Fall 2018 UT External Transfer admissions compared with Fall 2019

With UT receiving a record number of first-time freshman applications and admitting a record number of freshman on appeal, I anticipated this cycle to be competitive. We won’t have the official application and admissions numbers until the fall, but it won’t surprise me if 25-30% of all applicants gained admission compared with 35-40% from Fall 2017 and before.

Last year, an insanely competitive cycle, only 21% of applicants gained admission. Although there were some applicants to competitive majors like CS, Engineering, and Business with 4.0s who did not get in this year, it seems all or almost all 4.0 students to other majors gained admission. For Fall 2018, many 4.0s across all majors got denied.

Some students are asking about appeals. Appeals in any circumstances are highly unlikely to succeed even if you provide new and compelling information or a mistake is made. Never hurts to try, and it would be a good idea to request a different major. In any rate, make arrangements to continue your studies elsewhere or look again to transferring for Spring or Fall 2020.

In this post, I provide a summary of admissions outcomes with recommendations for the future.

I also want to extend gratitude to the UT-Austin Admissions Subreddit team for helping provide self-reported student data that informs my recommendations.

UT-Austin External Transfer Admissions Recommendations

UT reads and scores all transfer applications who have a 3.0 or higher. In reality, anything less than a 3.6 for all courses means you are highly unlikely to gain admission.

The average transfer admissions GPA for UT overall is a 3.75, but keep in mind this also includes CAP students guaranteed transfer with a 3.2, so the reality is admissions is a lot more competitive than the 3.75 average suggests.

Earning outstanding grades is a necessary condition but won’t be enough to get you in. You also need a strong resume and interesting essays that demonstrate your fit for major and supply compelling reasons why UT is where you need to be to continue your studies.

The days of transfer students regularly getting in with a 3.4 or 3.5 are over even for spring. Transfer admissions depends largely on the number of spaces available in a given program, so in some years there are a lot of spaces and others there aren’t.

Programs that always have limited spaces: McCombs Business, Nursing, Architecture, Computer Science, all Engineering majors except Architectural

This year, Radio-Television-Film seemed very full. Almost every RTF and Advertising applicant got denied, so if you’re transferring for Moody in the future, consider another major.

Because CAP transfers are guaranteed admission to Liberal Arts, paradoxically, it’s a more competitive major than others because there are less spaces available for non-CAP transfers. Therefore, if your GPA is lower than 3.65, consider applying elsewhere.

Here are my GPA minimums to be competitive and also take on clients for either Spring or Fall transfer admissions. Under no circumstances will I take on clients with less than a 3.5.

  • Education, Social Work, Undergraduate Studies, College of Fine Arts (non-portfolio or audition programs): 3.55 or higher

  • Moody Communications (not RTF or Advertising) and Liberal Arts: 3.65 or higher

  • College of Natural Sciences and the Jackson School of Geosciences: 3.7 or higher

  • Cockrell School of Engineering: 3.85 or higher

  • RTF, Advertising, or McCombs School of Business: 3.9 or higher

  • Computer Science, Architecture, Nursing: 4.0 or don’t bother trying

For STEM programs or majors that have prerequisite courses, you need to earn a perfect 4.0 especially in calculus to be considered competitive.

Need help submitting your best spring or fall transfer application? Complete my questionnaire for a free consultation and discussion of what I can do to help.

Spring and Fall 2019 Client Outcomes

I worked with 9 spring and 20 fall clients for 2019 with an average GPA of 3.8. 13 clients attend two-year colleges and 16 for four-year universities. I worked with one student seeking a second bachelors.

7 of 9 Spring 2019 clients gained admission (77%). Spring only allows Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts, Education, and Social Work applicants.

Spring 2019 UT Austin Admissions Results

Here are the Spring 2019 results and GPA. All students had strong resumes and great to outstanding essays. Spring admissions depends largely on the number of spaces available and can be less predictable than fall admission.

  • ADMIT 4.0 GPA | College of Natural Sciences/Public Health (admit on appeal because of more than 24 hours AP but no college grades yet earned)

  • ADMIT 4.0 | College of Liberal Arts/History

  • ADMIT 3.95 | College of Liberal Arts/IRG

  • ADMIT 3.8 | College of Natural Sciences/Mathematics

  • ADMIT 3.71 | College of Liberal Arts/HDO

  • ADMIT 3.71 | School of Education/Physical Culture and Sport

  • ADMIT 3.67 | College of Natural Sciences/Physics

  • DENY 3.59 | College of Liberal Arts/Rhetoric and Writing

  • DENY 3.58 | School of Education/Exercise Science

Fall 2019 UT Austin Admissions Results

10 of 20 (50%) of my clients gained admission for the fall. Here are the Fall 2019 results and GPA. All students had strong resumes and great to outstanding essays.

  • ADMIT 4.0 GPA | College of Liberal Arts/Psychology

  • ADMIT 4.0 | College of Liberal Arts/Classics

  • DENY 4.0 | College of Natural Sciences/Computer Science (International)

  • DENY 3.93 | Cockrell School of Engineering/Environmental Engineering (120+ hours, second bachelors)

  • DENY 3.9 | Moody College of Communications/Radio-Television-Film

  • ADMIT 3.87 | Moody College of Communications/Corporate Communications

  • ADMIT 3.87 | Moody College of Communications/Journalism

  • DENY 3.84 | Moody College of Communications/Radio-Television-Film

  • DENY 3.83 | College of Liberal Arts/Psychology

  • ADMIT 3.83 | College of Natural Sciences/Mathematics

  • ADMIT 3.8 | College of Liberal Arts/Psychology

  • ADMIT 3.77 | Education/Sports Management

  • ADMIT 3.76 | College of Liberal Arts/Sociology (Denied first choice Moody, admit second choice COLA)

  • DENY 3.76 | Cockrell School of Engineering/Environmental Engineering

  • ADMIT 3.75 | College of Liberal Arts/Government

  • DENY 3.68 | Cockrell School of Engineering/Environmental Engineering

  • DENY 3.68 | College of Natural Sciences/Biology

  • DENY 3.58 | Education/Sports Management

  • ADMIT 3.5 | Education/Sports Management

  • DENY 3.48 | College of Natural Sciences/Biology

Other Data and Observations

The two most extensive samples of self-reported student data are on College Confidential and reddit.com/r/utaustin admissions. A word of caution: 1) not all students self-report their grades or even admissions decisions truthfully, and 2) there is no way to know the quality of their resume and essays as self-assessments are often wildly off base.

Nevertheless, these reservoirs of information could be useful if you want to dig a little deeper. I won’t summarize any of the data here other than to say these self-reports helped me make my GPA recommendations to consider UT-Austin a match that I posted earlier here.

College Confidential Information can be found on page 77 in the link and/or the Fall 2019 External Transfer thread compiled by user witlessStudent.

The subreddit moderator team allowed students to report their outcomes on this open spreadsheet. You can view the /r/utaustinadmissions statistics and data here.

What stands out the most is that, with one or two notable exceptions, no students who earned less than a 3.5 GPA gained admission to UT for any major. Therefore, if you’re applying with a GPA, UT should be considered a high reach. I suggest casting a wide net for your applications in any case as nobody is guaranteed UT external transfer admission.

Need help submitting your best spring or fall transfer application? Complete my questionnaire for a free consultation and discussion of what I can do to help.