A Metaphorical Ticket

A Shan fisherman on Inle Lake, Myanmar

A Shan fisherman on Inle Lake, Myanmar

Sometimes it isn't about what you catch, but how you do it. Burmese fishermen navigate waterways on long, slender boats rowed by wrapping their legs around the oar. Not only is it a more efficient way to move, but at the same time, it looks pretty cool.

Think of your essay C as a metaphor for something else. A metaphorical approach drifts away from a literal use of your ticket to go somewhere or meet someone. Your ticket could be your ticket to something intangible like success, understanding, growth, maturity, and so on.

Addressing this prompt abstractly may be a riskier strategy, but it could offer a potentially high reward. Rhetorical devices like similes, metaphors, paradox, and allusion often elevate a good essay to outstanding.

One of my clients uses their ticket as a metaphorical journey through their life. The essay focuses not so much on some concrete plans years in the future but talks earnestly about the person they are today and how they hope to be when they are older. Their ticket functions as a metaphor for a few influential people they have met in their lives and a few lessons they have taken away

Their ticket isn't something tangible. Instead, it is a journey. They work through a few important characteristics lik perseverance and hard work. With any good Essay C, they tie these themes back into larger considerations of what their future academic and professional goals are.

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