Essay C as a destination

Maybe your ticket will take you to 12,000 feet!

Maybe your ticket will take you to 12,000 feet!

You possess a ticket to anywhere? Do something cool!

If I had a ticket to anywhere, I would give skydiving another go over Swakopmund, Namibia - the filming location of Mad Max Fury Road.

In my previous post, I suggested a possible approach answering the prompt literally and directly. One elaboration is using your ticket to visit an actual place or attend an event. It could be a plane ticket or your green light to watch the Super Bowl. Perhaps you want to revisit somewhere you have already explored or something you would like to do in the future.

You could literally talk about the ticket in your hand and the things you see and feel. It could be a past occurrence, something you are doing now, or future possibilities. Maybe your ticket is an acceptance letter from UT-Austin.

For example, one client introduces their essay directly, "A nonstop flight to JFK Airport in New York City sounds like the dream to me." 

Here are the first two sentences of a client of mine who takes a literal approach to Essay C as a dream destination.

"The famous Rivoli Theatre, New York City, October 18, 1961.  I won a ticket to the world premiere of the film adaptation of West Side Story in a contest."

There is no beating around the bush here. The reviewer knows exactly the time, place, and setting for your experience. This student moves on to elaborate what they were feeling, seeing, and even smelling and who they met along the way. Their directly relates to extensive experience as a performing artist highlighted in another essay and expanded upon in the resume.

Talking about a place you want to visit can be a very effective approach to Essay C and position your essay into a larger picture advocating for a place on UT-Austin's campus.

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