Using your ticket to meet your hero? Why not!

Brian May, guitarist from the band Queen

Brian May, guitarist from the band Queen

I am currently in Haifa, Israel visiting a close friend of mine. The other night, we went to the Queen + Adam Lambert concert in Tel Aviv. It was an incredible evening and humbling to see two living members of an iconic band doing what they do best - rocking out. I was pretty far away from the stage, but I was thankful my friend bought me a ticket and we could share the experience.

Consider using your ticket to meet your hero! In the previous post, I referenced a client who used their ticket to attend the 1961 premiere of West Side Story. There, he also met his hero.

'People mingle and rub elbows before and making way towards the exits.  Alarmingly, a firm grip pulls me aside. Uncertain as to why, I am led upstairs to a room behind the big projector.  At a small table sits the director himself, Jerome Robbins.'

Another client uses the ticket essay as an opportunity to meet an iconic Youtube star.

"Meeting Lilly is something I can only dream of achieving. She has had such a positive impact on my life especially since beginning high school."

This student goes on to talk about how Lilly serves as a positive influence on her and serves as a great female role model. It connects to other themes in her application like competing in mostly-boys programming competitions and the challenges she anticipates facing studying and working in male-dominated computer science.

You can use your ticket for anything. Get creative and meet a role model, mentor, or celebrity!

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