Spring Transfer Admission to the University of Texas at Austin


Every year, a few hundred applicants attempt transferring into UT-Austin for the spring semester. Spring transfer helps to fill up a hundred or so spaces vacated by students not returning for their next semester or those who have changed majors.

If you’re interested in Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts, Education, and Social Work, I encourage you to give Spring transfer a try. You can always try again for Fall if it doesn’t work out.

Spring Transfer Requirements and Tips

The deadline for completing your transfer application is October 1. You must submit Apply Texas and $75 fee; the required Essay A; a second essay of your choice between C Special Circumstances and E Issue of Importance; all transcripts from universities attended or earned credit. Consult this page for official requirements.

You don’t need to have earned an Associate’s degree, and as long as you have 24 or more credit hours completed or in progress earning higher than a 3.0, you’re eligible to apply. You must have also graduated from high school or earned a GED.

Consider using these credit transfer tools and community college guides to see how your credits from a college or university in the State of Texas will transfer.

Check out these posts for Essay A tips and real Essay A statement of purpose examples. I also provide a few Essay E examples and tips.

Spring Admission for Specific UT Colleges and Schools

Spring admission can be rather random because it is unknown how many spaces are available in a given year for each college and school. The process is the same where half of the criteria is your GPA and the other half is a Personal Achievement Index review score assigned by a human admissions reviewer.

All grades earned, attempted, or repeated are calculated in your GPA. UT does not replace grades, ever.

Only these programs allow spring admission: Liberal Arts, Natural Sciences, Education, and Social Work. Note Computer Science, Environmental Science, and Undeclared are fall admission only.

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Spring Transfer Data and Statistics

UT reads and scores all transfer applications who have a 3.0 or higher. In reality, anything less than a 3.5 for all courses means you are highly unlikely to gain admission.

Earning outstanding grades is a necessary condition but won’t be enough to get you in. You also need a strong resume and interesting essays that demonstrate your fit for major and supply compelling reasons why UT is where you need to be to continue your studies.

Here is data from my Spring client outcomes for 2018 and 2019:

  • ADMIT 4.0 GPA | College of Natural Sciences/Public Health (admit on appeal because of more than 24 hours AP but no college grades yet earned)

  • ADMIT 4.0 | College of Liberal Arts/History

  • ADMIT 3.95 | College of Liberal Arts/IRG

  • ADMIT 3.9 | College of Natural Sciences/Biology

  • ADMIT 3.8 | College of Natural Sciences/Mathematics

  • ADMIT 3.71 | College of Liberal Arts/HDO

  • ADMIT 3.71 | School of Education/Physical Culture and Sport

  • ADMIT 3.67 | College of Natural Sciences/Physics

  • DENY 3.59 | College of Liberal Arts/Rhetoric and Writing

  • DENY 3.58 | School of Education/Exercise Science

  • DENY 3.52 | College of Natural Sciences/Biochemistry

Since there are few spring transfer applicants, publicly available data is limited.

Receiving your Spring Transfer Decision

If you gain admission, congratulations! I hope you enjoy your time on the Forty Acres.

If you are not offered a spot, the good news is you can try again for the fall with essentially the same application. Your application will be reviewed again without looking at your previous one.

Since spring admission has a lot to do with spaces available, you can send the same essays and resume for consideration against a new pool of students. I’ve had clients not gain admission for spring apply again with almost the same GPA and essays who have found success.

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